Customized bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services that help you stay on top of your business’s financial health and allow you to focus on reaching for your goals.

Our team has experience at some of the best financial companies in the business. We bring that expertise to our work with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries across the US.

An Expert Team

Save Time & Energy

You’ve spent hours doing your own books or even more time training a team member to get it done for you.

When you’re getting serious about your business growth there are so many questions to answer before you make those big moves.

A Fresh Perspective

Get It Done Right

Could your bookkeeping need some straightening out or realignment because your business has changed? From payroll, to balance sheets, to getting your QuickBooks® on the right track, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your big financial goals might be, JADDE Financial Solutions can help you take the next step forward in your business. Contact us here.

About Us

JADDE Financial Solutions provides expert guidance, bookkeeping, and financial advisory services to companies with big goals.

A Relationship-Focused Firm

Your success and the relationship we create are at the core of all that we do, and we believe that clarifying and improving the financial health of your business is a powerful step toward that success. We provide expert Cloud Accounting through QuickBooks and offer you support with our Payroll, Bookkeeping, Controller, and Virtual CFO services.

Your Very Own Financial Team

When you work with us, you’ll get more than great accounting. You’ll have a team in your corner as you get clear on the financial health of your business and how to use those numbers to make the right decisions for your company’s future.

Powered by QuickBooks

You deserve freedom and flexibility as you stay on top of your books. At JADDE Financial Solutions, we use QuickBooks cloud accounting software so that you can access your business dashboard from anywhere.

The relationships we create with clients are our greatest asset.

  • Chris Allaire
    Adam's been awesome to work with. I really appreciate his work ethic, his follow-through and follow-up communication and his overall attitude. He's been great. We're on pace for a record year and he's a huge help in that. Thank you!
    Chris Allaire
  • Daniel Gibson

    “I find JADDE to be thorough and timely. I highly recommend JADDE’s QuickBooks services to those looking to properly manage their own businesses.”

    Daniel Gibson
    Gibson & Associates CPA’s
  • Cindy Fishman

    “I think JADDE Financial Solutions is a top-notch company. Judy and her team respond in a timely manner and I'm always amazed at how quickly our problems are solved. The customer experience is exceptional. I'd highly recommend JADDE Financial Solutions to any company requiring QuickBooks expertise!”

    Cindy Fishman
    Imaginarium and Company Inc.
  • Ricky Greer

    “We have worked on and off for years with Judy and her team at JADDE. Whether you have a small or large company, JADDE always addresses the issue promptly and completely. I have had JADDE work on bookkeeping, QuickBooks oversight and projects that may arise while working with a vendor or customer, as well as inventory issues that may randomly develop. Judy and her team are exceptional. They care about their clients and help make their businesses better. I would highly recommend JADDE for your consideration.”

    Ricky Greer
    Clean Earth Brands (Positive Attitude)
  • Robert Esposito

    “My business has worked with Judy at JADDE since 2014 and I can't imagine life without her. Judy and her team have become an integral part of our trading company. They handle all of our accounting and bookkeeping needs and keep impeccable books. They are a perfect solution for a small business looking to outsource these roles. I highly recommend their services.”

    Robert Esposito
    Vectra Capital
  • Joseph Miranda

    “We are delighted to have JADDE Financial Solutions in our corner. We have been with them for over a year and they have been very easy and professional in their handling of our bookkeeping needs. We recently had to maneuver through the PPP and SBA disaster loan process. Had it not been for Judy, we would still be waiting for an answer. I would highly recommend JADDE Financial Solutions for all your accounting needs.”

    Joseph Miranda
    NREFSI Inc.
  • Will Holly

    “Great company.  Judy and Mathew handle every matter with care. Well worth the investment.”

    Will Holly
    Holly Nance Group
  • Melanie Bernstein

    “I've been working with Judy and her team for about 3 years, they are outstanding partners. I can't imagine not having their support. I found them by chance without a referral, through the QuickBooks website. Judy was listed as a pro, and she is, along with her whole team. I can't endorse them and their services enough! Always responsive and willing to go the extra mile, I know I can rely on them. Most importantly, I trust them completely... Very important for the services they provide. I'd be happy to talk to any prospective clients on their behalf without hesitation.”

    Melanie Bernstein
  • Christina Gannon

    "Judy and the JADDE Financial Solutions Team (and I don't say this lightly), saved our business which therefore saved our financial lives! They helped with everything from top-notch bookkeeping and EIDL/SBA/PPP services, to great colleague referrals for some of our other business challenges. I honestly don't know where our company would be right now without her knowledge and relentless work ethic.  It’s very hard to find this type of quality of work and professionalism these days, but luckily we did with JADDE Financial Solutions."

    Christina Gannon
    Spotlight Concierge LLC

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