Meet Irina Gesterak

Irina lends her unparalleled, professional insights to JADDE Financial Solutions’ communications and marketing initiatives. She also manages the operational practices of the firm, coordinating customer support, project and practice management, as well as new business development.

Irina is JADDE Financial Solutions’ client onboarding liaison and oversees coordinating efforts for existing and potential clients. She provides a personalized approach to each clients’ business and her attention to detail and thorough understanding of strategic partnerships make her an integral part of the JADDE Financial Solutions team.

Irina’s professional experience prior to joining JADDE Financial Solutions includes working in various industries in the fields of marketing, advertising and corporate communications. She has held Account Executive, as well as Marketing/Corporate Consulting positions at BNY Mellon, DDB Worldwide Communications Group, Inc., Code Red, LLC and Irrational Capital.

Outside of work, Irina enjoys spending time with her family and taking spontaneous trips and vacations. She loves hanging with friends, planning events, and working on interior design projects.

Quote to live by: “Always try to leave people better than you found them.”
Marvin J. Ashton